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"... to make ready a people prepared for the Lord." 


Luke 1:17b

The National Community Transformation Network (NCTN) was started in 2006 by those who were involved in the prayer movement at its beginning in the early 90’s. God was adding the new focus of transformation to the prayer movement but it had no agency to carry it. NCTN was given birth to by those with more than fifteen years of experience in discovering by the Holy Spirit and learning from the worldwide prayer movement these truths that have helped to set communities free. It is a interdenominational organization, and not only do it’s workers come from various denominations, but seeks to work together with any in the Body of Christ. NCTN exists to mobilize, equip and advise God’s people in all aspects of Transformation. It deals firstly with the spiritual aspects of leading people in intercession, repentance, reconciliation and cleansing of the land. This has proved to have far reaching effects with the hand of God reaching out and touching the land to bring healing. As a result, transformation begins to touch the social order of a community, the political sector as well as it’s economy.

NCTN seeks to help people in all of these areas.


The process of Transformation is not so difficult to understand or to follow, because God’s word is quite clear on what is required on our part before He will act (2 Chronicles 7:14). However, how God’s deals with each community to carry out that process is both unique and tailor made to fit the specific community. We believe first of all that united prayer and intercession is the back bone of the transformation process. Repentance is the point at which sins; both personal and corporate are dealt with. Often there is a need for Spiritual Mapping (historical research into the spiritual roots of the community) to bring a clear understanding of the roots of those sins. This also exposes places of wounding within a community and the need for reconciliation. In the process of repentance, people remove and destroy the idolatrous objects and articles used in witchcraft and break the covenants that their ancestors made with the powers of darkness. 

NCTN is a non-profit organisation.


Mr. Luke Naroll
Mrs. Francesca Naroll
Mr. Francis Yegiora
Mrs. Marigold Yegiora
Mr. Marlyn Stucky
Mrs. Lynda Stucky
Mr. John Samiat
Mrs. Penina Samiat
Mr. Jack Yinawo
Mrs. Jacklyn Yinawo
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