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Operation Joshua

"Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses."

Joshua 1:3

Raising up the army of God

The strategy for “Operation Joshua” comes out of the book ofJoshua where God helped the people to inherit the land promised to Abraham, which was occupied by foreign gods, giants and the people of Canaan. God’s promise to them was that He would give them every place where the sole of their feet touched down.

In ancient times war was not just to show which army was superior in number and in skill, but it was known to be a contest between the gods of those warring armies. So, starting with the crossing of the Jordan, to the battles that drove out the inhabitants of Canaan, the Most High showed Himself to be unequaled in power, wisdom, and in the battle itself. In the

same way, today as young and old alike confront the powers of darkness in their community with the power of the Most High, those who have kept the people in bondage for generations are being forced to give up their claim on communities and

whole territories.

When Israel crossed over the Jordan river they camped and went through the process of reestablishing their identity by taking on the mark of the covenant that God made with Abraham. This was done through circumcision and was necessary before the people could take their inheritance. This can be related to repentance and cleansing from sins and iniquities. Likewise, before we can be entrusted with the inheritance the Father has given us, we need to go through the process of repentance from anything that is offensive to Him.

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