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Teaching and Equipping

"And teaching them to obey everything I've commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

Matthew 28:20

Walking out discipleship


Since 1993 we have been involved in teaching on prayer, spiritual warfare, worship, and spiritual mapping.  We have been equipping the Body of Christ around the country through running prayer seminars for churches, Prayer Conferences, Prayer Assemblies, Spiritual Mapping Consultations and Strategic Intercession Summits.  


As a part of training, many small publications have also been printed on a wide variety of issues to help people understand the Covenant which Papua New Guinea made with the God of Israel, the importance of repentance, the Seven Mountains of Influence, National Repentance, how to pray for national elections, etc. 


For the Operation Joshua initiative, we have three levels of training; one week Basic Training, the two week Advanced Training and the Joshua Institute which is a two month in depth training for those who will be facilitators on the field.  Operation Joshua basic training has been held in many places around the country and has resulted in community transformation in quite a few locations

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