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National Prayer Movement

"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers." 

Acts 2:42

Our national group of intercessors

The movement of intensified prayer around Papua New Guinea began in 1993 and has continued to spread across the nation as well as mature in character.  It has spread not only geographically, but also across denominational boundaries. 


The Prayer Movement in Papua New Guinea, as an organized, coordinated body, began in 1993 outside Mt. Hagen at the National Prayer Centre in Rugli.  Since that time, it has been strengthened through equipping the Body Of Christ around the nation in prayer, intercession, reconciliation, spiritual warfare, spiritual mapping as well as various other principles of community transformation.  Prayer seminars have been run for churches, prayer assemblies have been held for intercessors around the nation and “Strategic Intercession Summits” have been held to address important national issues.


We have engaged the church on the local level in helping communities go through the process that leads to transformation as well as coordinating national initiatives such as “Operation Brukim Skru” (bended knee), for the national elections. We have also initiated the National Day of Repentance beginning in 2010 which has become a national public holiday.


In 1996, the prayer movement first became visible with “Operation Brukim Skru” for the 1997 national elections.  As the Body of Christ, mobilized to pray, it was the first time we witnessed God’s power in answer to our united prayers to shut down violence, remove members of parliament who were not serving the interests of the people and brought a sense of hope for the future. The Evangelical Alliance estimated 1.5 million people prayed for the seven months leading up to the formation of the new government.  The people were then updated with a publication called the PNG Intercessor and publications for the 30 Day Muslim Prayer Focus, Praying through the 10/40 Window and the Global Marches For Jesus.

In 1999, we sealed the borders of the nation, by air on the government’s Kumul aircraft and MAF, by sea on the Defense Force PNGS Dregger, and the road system by vehicle convoy.  This was known as “Operation Prea Banis” (prayer covering).


In 2001 “Operation Joshua” began with equipping young people to walk the land, community by community taking it back from the powers of darkness.  This initiative is still moving in parts of the country.  


In 2004, we had to leave the National Prayer Centre and the Rugli community.  Through miscommunication and mistrust, the prayer movement went through a crisis and in many places came to an abrupt halt.  This continued for a few years until the network slowly began to be built up again.  During those years of laying low, focus was put on Community Transformation and equipping communities to go through the process of repentance, reconciliation and prayer which leads to transformational revival. In 2006, the National Community Transformation Network was started to provide a covering for the prayer movement.  

In 2013, The Papua New Guinea Indigenous Prayer Network was given birth to, which continues to provide a platform for raising up the indigenous people in cities and towns to establish prayer networks and deal with the issues surrounding the land.

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