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"Repent then and turn to God, so that your sins may blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the LORD."

Acts 3:19-20

Restoration and Transformation


Transformation by its very definition is “to be altered beyond recognition”. Therefore in the context of community transformation, it means for whole communities being transformed by the Power of God, so that they no longer look the same as they did in the past. In other words; when communities where darkness, idolatry, witchcraft, poverty, violence and superstition are deeply rooted, are confronted by the Presence of God, they change so dramatically that they can hardly be recognized. We are no longer just looking for change in individuals or just households but whole communities, people groups and nations.

Jesus often talked about the Kingdom of God in His parables. He likened it to yeast which a woman mixes into a large amount of dough and it works through the whole dough to make it rise. The Kingdom of God when it comes in power to a community, can be felt, seen, tasted and heard and touches the political, social, economic and spiritual life of a community. When a community becomes totally God conscience and come to Him in repentance and reconciles its past differences, this kind of transformation begins to take place. We must begin to see our communities as God sees them; not only their problems, strongholds and sins, but also their redemptive qualities. Several questions need to be answered. Is The Father pleased with my community? If not, why? What must we do in our community in order for the Father to be pleased?

The greatest issue in this case is always our sins and the sins of our forefathers which offend the Father and keep His Presence far away.

The chief and most important element in the universe and also in experiencing transformation, is the Presence of God. Therefore, we must cultivate the things that attract His Presence; like humility, faith, holiness, united prayer and worship. Beyond this we must develop a hunger for His presence. It is only the Presence of God that can fix the problems, heal the hurts, cleanse the sins, bring the unity and transform our communities. In other words it is not about us at all; rather it is about our Father having His way and doing what He always wanted to do in us and our nation. There are growing number of communities in Papua New Guinea that are in various stages of Transformation. Most of these places have had to go down to the very bottom spiritually, economically and socially before they began to call upon God who is answering their prayers of repentance and humility. In all of these places there is the mark of an overwhelming hunger for God Himself.

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