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" I F   M Y   P E O P L E . . ."

JOIN US for the 2nd annual UPRising PNG!

UPRising PNG is a part of the global UPRising movement to raise up children and youth in united prayer.  UPRising began in 2016 when world prayer leaders called an UPRising in Seoul Korea.  Since then, there have been UPRising gatherings in nations like China, Indonesia, Bolivia and Indonesia. 


Many crisis that are facing the world such as threats of terrorism, nuclear threats and natural disasters are causing this generation to rise up in united prayer.  This generation is also becoming more aware of the enemy’s attacks upon them through the media, social media, abuse of all kinds, human trafficking etc. and are rising to the challenge through prayer.


It is a time to gather!

It is a time to pray!

It is a time to see change in our nation!

It is a time to give birth through prayer to a new fresh missions movement that will reach the nations.


Join us in UPRising PNG in Lae from July 2-6, 2019.


July 2-6 2019


Lae City Tabernacle (CRC)

Portion 211, 2 Mile

Okuk Highway, 411

Lae, Papua New Guinea




Download your copy of

The UPRising PNG 2019 Guide

Download your copy of the official UPRising PNG 2019 A4 poster by clicking the icon on the left

More information regarding UPRising PNG 2019

- There is a K50 conference fee

- Conference is for youth ages 12 years and above

- Registration starts : Tuesday 2nd July

- Prayer gathering starts : 8 am Wednesday 3th July

- Prayer gathering ends : 9 pm Saturday 6th July

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